Metro Hino: The Most Authentic Hino Dealer You Will Find

Hino trucks are known for their resilience and durability. These Japanese trucks have a reputation for being the right ones for truck users. Hino trucks are versatile as they can serve both light and heavy-duty needs. You probably need a Hino truck now, but where can you find a credible Hino dealer? Metro Hino is the company you can rely on for all your Hino Truck needs.

As a Hino dealer, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of Hino Trucks. Whether you need a 2020 HINO 195 or a HINO 155, we have a lot of options in stock just for you. You can be sure that you would find exactly the truck you are looking for in our stores.

What if you do not have a specific truck in mind? Our experts can assist you in choosing a truck that would meet your needs. We have an experienced truck sales team that will help you get the best deal. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in all our deals.

Our services go beyond just selling Hino trucks. We offer both renting and leasing options for Hino in Mississauga. If you need a Hino in Burlington or a Hino in Caledon and their environs, you can always call on Metro Hino.

Is your Hino giving you trouble, or do you just want to run routine maintenance on it? We have excellent hands on deck to attend to even the slightest issue. We don’t just hire anyone, we hire professionals to always give you excellent results. Give us a call today, and let’s get you the Hino you deserve.