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Metro Hino: Affordable Hino Truck for Sale

Trucks are great for businesses that need to move items from one location to the other, and our Hino Trucks are the best for this purpose. These trucks are available in various designs, from light-duty to heavy-duty, with the option of attaching a storage compartment to create a cube van. We offer trucks for rental and leasing, but our competitive prices and excellent after-sale services make buying a new Hino truck a great deal. 

Where To Find A Hino Truck For Sale

Hino Trucks are famous for their high-quality designs and availability in various sizes, such as light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles. To acquire any model of this excellent truck brand, Metro Truck Hino can assist. Light Duty Cab-Overs you can purchase include the Hino 155, Hino 195, and Hino 195 C. The Medium Duty Conventional includes the Hino L Series, while the Hino XL Series is the Heavy-Duty Conventional truck. 


A significant advantage of the Hino Trucks is the possibility of converting them to a Hino Cube Van. Having a lift gate on our Hino trucks makes it possible to load heavy items into the cargo section. When you find a Hino truck for sale on our platform, you can book a test with a dealer closest to your location. This gives you a chance to get a closer look at the truck and assess its various features. If you require more information on any truck, you can reach out to any member of our sales team.  


Our after-sale services include scheduled maintenance, parts sale, and roadside assistance. You can purchase genuine Hino parts and accessories with ease to replace damaged parts or customize your Hino truck. Accessories you can get include front wheel covers, hood reflector, sun visor, hood latch, door handle trim, and more. If you are looking for a Hino truck for sale, look no further than Metro Hino. 

How to Avoid Expensive Hino Truck Repair Services: Some Helpful Tips

Hino trucks are well-known for their premium quality and dependability, as well as the many other amenities they provide. When it comes to commercial trucks, they’re a popular choice for heavy-duty operators. They’re designed to keep you on the road for a long time and help you maximize your productivity.

Despite their reputation for being reliable, even with this degree of quality and performance, they may experience problems down the road. When your Hino truck breaks down, it may be a great annoyance. It can cost you time and money in repairs, as well as have a detrimental influence on your business’s bottom line.

So, if you want to avoid paying for Hino truck repair services that are expensive, keep the following suggestions in mind.


1. Maintain Your Truck


Taking excellent care of your truck is one of the best ways to avoid costly Hino truck repair service and reduce the risk of sudden vehicle breakdown. If you want your vehicle to last a long time, make sure you do regular maintenance and take good care of it.


2. Keep Your Truck Clean


It’s critical to keep your truck clean in order to prevent rust, corrosion, or harm the paint finish or corrosion of the metal below it. Keep a small cleaning kit in your vehicle and use it to clean the inside and outside of your truck on a regular basis.


3. Have Your Truck Inspected Regularly


To keep Hino truck repair costs down, have your truck inspected before every trip. Your local Hino dealer can provide you with a maintenance inspection checklist as well as inspection services. Frequent truck inspections can help you catch flaws before they turn into major problems.


4. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs


It is suggested that you keep an eye out for early signals. If you notice a strange noise or a warning light turning on, don’t ignore it. Before the problem gets worse and more expensive to repair, make sure your truck is examined as soon as possible.


5. Don’t Overload Your Truck


Overburdening your truck can put a lot of strain on the axles and mechanical components, causing tires to overheat and making the vehicle difficult to control. If you do end up having too much weight, it will raise the risk of early, dangerous, and costly failure or blowouts.


6. Get the Right Truck Repair Services


Finally, you should always go with a reliable truck repair service provider when your vehicle needs repairing or maintenance. Choosing a repair service with the required experience and skill, as well as excellent customer service, will guarantee that your repairs are done correctly.

This is exactly what we provide for all of your Hino truck repair service needs at Metro Hino. From routine maintenance to more serious truck repairs, our service department has the equipment and expertise to handle it all.

We have a specialized staff of skilled experts that are competent in working on all Hino truck models, so you may receive the high-quality service you deserve. We also provide the Hino Watch and Hino truck towing services to ensure that you never have a problem with your truck on the road.

hino toronto

Metro Hino: Your Reliable Hino Toronto Dealer

The Hino brand is one of the top brands on the market today. This is expected since the manufacturers of Hino trucks stem Toyota – and perfectly deliver the same level of efficiency Toyota products offer.  Today, Hino Toronto has become a vital part of many businesses that want a reliable truck for their everyday needs. If you, like many others, have finally decided to get a Hino truck for your business, then Metro Hino is here to help.

The Best Hino Toronto Dealer

Metro Hino is a certified Hino medium-duty truck sales dealer. Since we are properly certified to sell Hino Toronto trucks, you can buy your Hino trucks from us at the best prices. Unlike many other dealers today, we don’t just push you to buy the most expensive truck when you contact us for a Hino Toronto truck. Instead, our experts thoroughly evaluate your business and determine the right option for you. 

This is the case regardless of if you need a Hino straight truck, Hino cube van, or other Hino trucks. Doing this ensures that you get a truck that adds value to your business in the long run, making it a worthwhile purchase. If you prefer, we can place you on a maintenance and repair plan after you have purchased your truck. This will give you access to regular maintenance services like oil changes and the replacement of worn brake pads. With this, you can focus on making money for your business while we ensure your truck remains in top shape.

Choose us as your Hino Toronto dealer today, and let us give you the best services at unbeatable prices. 

hino toronto

Metro Hino: Affordable Dealer for Hino in Toronto

Hino trucks are one of the world’s leading brands. They are reliable and offer numerous models that are ideal for various types of businesses. Due to the popularity and reliability of Hino in Toronto, you’ll find lots of dealers selling it. Each will claim to offer the best prices, and it can be confusing to determine which to settle for.

Trusted Hino Toronto Dealer

But when it involves making an expensive purchase like this, it is important to stick with only reliable dealers like Metro Hino. If you don’t, you can end up with a more expensive deal or buying from a non-recognized Hino distributor. This could mean problems later in the future without any access to quality support. 

Metro Hino has been in the business of leasing and financing Hino in Toronto for over a decade. We are a recognized Hino distributor, which means you get the best deals when you buy from us. When you purchase a new Hino truck from us, we don’t just push you to buy the most expensive one. Instead, our experts evaluate your business and determine which of the Hino Truck models will be ideal for you. 

Every purchase comes with an extended warranty alongside an after-sales service to ensure you are happy with your truck. Our expert analysts can also point you in the right direction to get finance so you can make the down payment. If your budget can’t accommodate a new Hino in Toronto, we also offer leasing services. Our plans are affordable and come with many services, including frequent inspections, maintenance and 24/7 support. This way, you can focus on making more money for your business while we ensure your trucks function optimally. 

Take advantage of our medium-duty truck sales today, and get a deal that will surely push your business to greater heights. Contact us now for more details.

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Metro Hino: Reliable Dealer in All Hino Truck Models

Hino Motors is a name that is synonymous with high quality. This company is one of the top manufacturers of heavy and medium-duty trucks in Asia. It is a subsidiary of Toyota, so it offers the same quality that the brand is known for.  All Hino truck models are designed to last, so they are the go-to option for various businesses. 

Why We Carry All Hino Truck Models

The reputation of the Hino truck makes it one that is highly sought-after, and you will find many Hino commercial trucks for sale. But it is not advisable to buy a Hino truck from just any dealer you find since not all of them are certified or reliable. To get the best, you will need an expert like Metro Hino.

Metro Hino has been in the business of selling and leasing Hino trucks for decades. We have all Hino truck models for your needs ranging from the L series, XL series, Hino 358, and many more. Our specialists are well versed in all types of Hino truck models and can recommend the right option for your business. 

What if your business needs a Hino truck, but your present budget can’t accommodate this purchase? Or perhaps you will only need to make use of the Hino truck for a day? In both instances, it does not make sense to outright purchase the truck. Fortunately, Metro Hino has you covered as we also offer leasing services. Our truck leasing services cover light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks regardless of your needs. To make sure you encounter no issues during use, our specialists will run a complete truck diagnosis. This will include checking the oil level, tire pressure, and other aspects that may cause issues before we lease to you.  

If you need a reliable Hino dealer for all your Hino truck models, then look no further than Metro Hino. Contact us today, and let us get you a truck that is right for your business!

truck leasing ontario

Affordable Truck Leasing in Ontario

Purchasing a new truck for your fleet may be great in theory, but on paper, it might not. This is because trucks don’t come cheap, and your business may not survive the huge cost associated with purchasing one. In these situations, going with affordable truck leasing Ontario company may be your best bet. 

The Best  Truck Leasing Ontario Option

With a reliable truck leasing company like Metro Hino, you can add a truck to your fleet at a reduced price. You avoid the hassles that come with financing a truck purchase so you can focus on other areas of your business. And when you are settled, you can then revisit the goal of outright purchasing a truck. 

When you hire Metro Hino for your truck leasing service, you don’t just get saddled with any truck. Instead, our experts evaluate your business and determine the ideal truck models for your needs. These experts can determine the ideal truck, brand, size and spec that will work best for your business to ensure productivity. 

We know that when it comes to trucks, Hino brands are the best. Therefore, we offer Hino truck leasing services that cover all Hino truck models. These include Hino straight trucks, Hino cube vans, and many more. But asides from Hino trucks, our leasing service also cover other reliable truck brands too.

Metro Hino does not just leave you with the responsibility of maintenance after we lease you the truck, either. Instead, we can set you up on a maintenance plan that will see our certified specialists carrying out scheduled inspections. And if any potential problem is spotted, we can easily correct it before it becomes an issue that will disrupt your business. 

We understand that businesses don’t stop, and that is why we offer 24/7 truck leasing in Ontario. Our service is very reliable, and you can call on us when in a pinch and need fast service. Reach out to us today and let us give you a quote you will be glad to work with!

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Metro Hino: Your Reliable Heavy and Medium Duty Truck Sales Company for Hino Products

Hino Trucks are the leading medium and heavy truck manufacturing company in Japan. It is also the fastest-growing truck company in the American Market. Since the manufacturer is under the Toyota brand, it perfectly emulates the reliability and superiority that Toyota is known for.  This is perhaps why many people today are always in search of companies for medium duty truck sales. If you belong in this category, then you are in luck, as Metro Hino can help you out. 

Your Medium Duty Truck Sales Company

Metro Hino is one of the most reputable Hino truck dealers you can find on the market today. As a certified Hino representative, we engage in Hino heavy and medium duty truck sales at the best prices. The Hino trucks we offer range from both used and new trucks, which means we have you covered regardless of your budget. 

Our medium-duty truck sales experts can also evaluate your business to determine the right type of medium truck you need. This will ensure you only buy a truck that will offer you the best value for your business. Even if we can’t find an exact match for you, we can configure one of our trucks to fit your desired purpose. 

In addition to the sale of Hino trucks, we also offer maintenance and repair services. These range from simple repairs like an oil change up to major repairs like replacing your Hino parts. Since we have a direct link with the manufacturers of the Hino truck, you are sure of only genuine parts that come with a warranty. 

One other area we stand out in is our amazing customer service. Unlike many other companies that are only interested in making a sale, we stick with you through every part of the journey. Even after buying your Hino truck, our experts keep up with you regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly. 

If you are looking for a Hino truck for sale, look no further than Metro Hino. Call us today and let us get you a truck that works for you!

Metro Hino: The Best Deals for Your Hino XL

No doubt, Hino XL trucks are the best Hino series available in 2021, and they are evolving even further as the year unfolds. Right now, these trucks have been gifted with the best upgrades and configurations that would make life easy for truck owners. With a GVW front axle, an 18,000 lb. weight, and front frame extensions, you are sure to break former limits with this truck.

Also, the Hino XL comes with top-notch driver safety, with vital additions like seatbelt sensors, and active cruise controls, so you can get the job done without panic. There is currently a high demand for the Hino XL Series due to the juicy upgrades made to the 2021 series. However, it is crucial to note that with high demands comes a higher chance of being scammed or getting a low-quality truck for a high price.

This is why at Metro Hino, we stay true to our word by standing by the integrity of the Hino group. Our partnership with the manufacturers of the Hino truck series gives us the ability to deliver on our promise of quality trucks. For many years, we have supplied Hino trucks in Toronto, St. Catherines, etc., with consistent feedback on customer satisfaction. Asides from supplying customers with the best Hino trucks, we also offer top-notch repair and replacement services. In our repairs, we make use of the best tools and parts to fix Hino trucks, and we handle every process professionally.

We understand that you need Hino trucks that are particular to your business needs; that is why we walk you through the selection process. We have a great customer service team that responds to each of your questions and takes all your feedback. 

As part of our service process, we show you the best trucks available to meet your business goals and work within your budget. At Metro Hino, we don’t just sell you the best Hino XL Series. We also give you quality trucks you can trust for years. Send us a message now.

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Metro Hino: Reliable Truck Repair Service

When it comes to capacity, specs, durability, and quality, Hino Trucks are the best on the market today. These trucks are made by a Japanese-based company but are now the hottest thing on the American market. With variants ranging from heavy-duty to medium-duty trucks, Hino trucks can successfully meet the needs of most businesses. The company doesn’t just operate as a manufacturing arm but has its truck repair service outlets throughout the marketplace.

Truck Repairs Service Benefits

Owning a Hino Truck could give great benefits to your business which you may have found out by experience or by research. However, maintenance of these trucks requires the hands of a professional truck repair service team like Metro Hino. You should never again be confused when you want to fix your Hino straight trucks, Hino XL, and so on since only professionals can meet your needs. What defines professionalism in any truck repair company include quality parts, expertise, customer feedback, excellent delivery time, affordability, and so much more. All these are part of our mantra at Metro Hino.

Metro Hino also offers a vital service that would ensure the safety of your Hino Truck called Hino Watch. This service comes with lots of benefits for the owner of a Hino truck. Some of these services include surveillance for your truck, battery jumpstart, supply of fuel (when your truck gets stranded on the way), towing services, etc.

Metro Hino is the trusted dealer and repair service provider that makes your Hino Truck experience a memorable one. We offer the best and most competitive prices in the market with you in mind to help you meet your goals. We also ensure that you get the best repair service with peace of mind and zero complaints. Do you need excellent Hino truck repair Service today? Metro Hino has got your back. Contact us today!

hino 358

Metro Hino: A Hino 358 Dealer You can Rely on

The Hino truck brand is one of the most popular brands today. This is because they are extremely reliable and provide good quality for your money. One of the most popular of the Hino trucks is the Hino 358, which is a great option for business owners who tend to move a lot of items. However, with the popularity of these trucks comes a problem that many other popular products tend to face; The presence of fake or substandard ones trying to leech from its existing customer base. 


This means if you want the best Hino 358 truck for your business, you need to work with reputable Hino Truck dealers like Metro Hino. We have been in the business of selling old and new Hino trucks consistently for many years. And this is why we have numerous return customers to prove this.


Regardless of the kind of Hino truck you are after, you can rest assured that Metro Hino has you covered.  We are one of the only certified Hino Truck Dealers around, which means if you buy from us, you only get the best. Our experts also go through consistent training to keep them abreast with everything that has to do with Hino trucks. They can easily recommend the ideal Hino truck to help you get your business to the next level. 


We also deal in Hino truck servicing and repairs, depending on the situation. As you know, your Hino 358 may require maintenance with time due to consistent usage. This could be due to something that could require minor solutions like an oil change or major repairs. Regardless of what the case may be, our certified experts are properly certified to get your Hino truck running quickly. We use only the best materials procured directly from the manufacturers, which come with a full warranty. With us, you get what you pay for – which is the best! Contact us today and let us get you a quote.

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The Only Hino Truck Dealers You Need

The name says it all with Metro Hino. We are a company that stands proudly behind every customer that desires anything Hino. Our company offers a large selection of services that you can only get at dedicated Hino truck dealers. 


If you need to find the right truck for your needs, we offer excellent Hino sales. The trucks available on offer include both new and used trucks to ensure there is a truck for every budget. 

Presuming purchasing and maintaining a truck for an extended period isn’t in your plan, then our Hino commercial truck lease service is here to help.  

Why We Are Your Go To Hino Truck Dealer

Efficiency is crucial when operating trucks and the only way to achieve this is through excellent maintenance. Our company has a service department that can help you out with the maintenance requirements of your Hino trucks. In this area, some of the services we offer include:

  • Hino Premium Protection
  • Hino Genuine Parts
  • Hino Prevention Care
  • Hino 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Hino 3 Year Parts Warranty
  • Hino 5 Year Warranty


Getting the correct parts for your truck can also be tricky, which is why you need to locate Hino truck dealers for genuine parts. We recommend genuine parts to all our customers and make these parts readily available to ensure your trucks always provide the best performance and value. 


If you encounter any problem while traveling with your truck, you can always reach out to the Hinowatch 24/7 roadside assistance. This service can assist with towing, battery jump-start, and other functions to get you out of precarious situations. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

A Reliable Hino Dealer You can Trust

Hino trucks are a household name in the world of trucks, and with the rise in popularity comes a rise in demand. This has therefore led to an increase in the number of Hino truck dealers today, and therefore the increase in the sales of substandard products too. Everyone who needs a Hino truck deserves the right Hino dealer, one who understands how to stay true to the reputation of Hino Trucks LTD.

Most Reliable Hino Dealer

Your search for the best Hino dealer has finally ended, as you will discover the best dealership with proof. Metro Hino has grown into one of the customer-forward dealerships in the industry, with years of consistency to prove this. So, you never have to worry about whether your truck dealer understands your needs.

There is more to trucks than just sales and dealerships, as an excellent company must view customer service holistically. That is why Metro Hino stands out by providing quality truck repair services with the use of ultra-modern technology to meet your need. Professionals from as little as an oil change to replacement of damaged parts handle all your Hino truck needs.

Metro Hino has proven over the years to have the capacity, as well as the employee force, to work on all models and make and give delivery. It also boasts of a 24-7 heavy towing and recovery service throughout North America, daily rentals, long-term full maintenance, and a full-service collision center. These are to deliver on our main promise to you anytime and anywhere. 

Metro Hino is your go-to dealership company for all Hino trucks used for different purposes. We have what you need and much more than we partner with the manufacturers directly. Our partnership with the manufacturers also affords us the opportunity of serving you better with quality trucks and services.

When next you need to get a Hino dealer, make sure you look out for quality and credibility.

Do you need a dealer now? Get a quote.

A Hino Service Centre

A Top Hino Service Center

Hino Motors LTD is the producer of all Hino trucks that have now become popular today. They are based in Japan and manufacture medium-duty trucks. Due to their many years of consistent value delivery, the company has been found reliable and trusted by users. The challenge for most users is where to find the best Hino Service Center near them. The bone of contention arises from the fact that most centers claim to offer Hino Services, but the question is, which of them is reliable?

In Need of a Top Hino Service Centre

If you need a Hino Service Center for your Hino commercial trucks, then you need to check out a reputable one like Metro Truck Hino. Aside from being popular and reputable, Metro Truck Hino is also a reliable Hino Service Center that can offer you the best at affordable rates. They make use of an ultra-modern Hino service center that is fully equipped to meet the demands of your trucks.

Metro Hino has a team of experts and professionals that have vast knowledge about Hino Trucks. We proffer excellent services from an oil change to more complex services like parts replacement. Our close relationship with top manufacturers makes it easy for us to lay hold on quality parts to meet your service needs. We stand by our services and offer amazing warranties for all our clients; you will also get all these for the best market price. 

No matter the issue with your truck, our certified team can handle every bit. Our experts go through constant training every year to keep up with the service trends to suit your needs. We also establish quality relationships with our clients, so you can always come back to give us your honest feedback about our service.

If you have a Hino Truck, then you deserve the best Hino Service Center you can get. Metro Hino has got you covered on all sides and all fronts.

Reach out to us to get a quote now.

Hino truck leasing in ontario

A Reliable Truck Leasing Ontario Company You Can Depend On

In the highly competitive truck leasing industry, truck dealers will tell you anything you want to hear to get into your purse. They’ll promise dozens of add-on services that they typically can’t deliver on. All the promises soon become impossible as soon as you swipe your credit card. This could be quite devastating if the trucks you leased runs into problems of any kind. To avoid such nightmarish scenarios, doing business with only a tried and trusted truck leasing Ontario company like Metro Hino is the way out.

Truck Leasing Ontario at Metro Hino

At Metro Hino, we pride ourselves on the quality of trucks we offer for lease. We understand that our customers may use our trucks for critical business, some of which require an all-around efficient truck that works 100 percent of the time. We put a lot of effort to ensure that that’s what our customers get. Our trucks are thoroughly checked by our dedicated team of mechanics while they’re awaiting lease and just before they’re leased.

While we are very confident in the quality of trucks we offer for lease; we understand that our customers might run into unpredicted problems. If that ever happens, we are always ready and willing to help. Irrespective of the option you choose to lease from out Hino truck models, our team of highly trained mechanics will be at your service if anything goes wrong.  We provide a broad range of customer-friendly add-on services covering towing and general maintenance. Even if you run into hitches while on the move and the truck breaks down by the roadside, Metro Hino will be there for you. Be rest assured, Metro Hino offers one of the best Hino commercial truck lease services around.

Whenever you’re in need of top-notch truck leasing Ontario services, just give us a call, and you’ll be glad you did. If you have questions, we always are open to your enquiries, give us a call now.

Hino truck for sale used

A Reliable Truck Dealership to Get Hino Truck for Sale Used

Getting a  Hino truck used is an excellent way to get great value at a cheaper rate. Instead of going all out with your budget, you can spend only a fraction of a truck’s original price but still enjoy all that a truck has to offer. If you do it right, buying a used truck can turn out to be a great bargain. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed with problems after you decide to start searching for a Hino truck for sale used. The first problem is finding the best dealer because if you buy from someone unreliable, you may end up fixing the mess that comes with used trucks – and this could be quite costly.

Hino Trucks for Sale Used

At Metro Hino Truck Dealership, we understand the risk that customers face when they are in search of a Hino truck for sale used, and we take all necessary precautions to prevent those risks. All our used trucks are put through a rigorous quality inspection process before being put up for sale. Even when they’re on our sale stands, our team of expert mechanics regularly check for defects that might have appeared after an initial inspection. If we detect any defects on any part of our used Hino trucks, they are immediately retracted from the sale stands for repairs.

Whether it is the lighter Hino 155, the medium-duty Hino 258, or hybrids like the Hino 195, all Hino truck for sale used models that find their way to the sale stands are guaranteed to be in good shape. We stand by every used truck we put up for sale and take all necessary steps to ensure you’re comfortable with your purchase. If you’d love to get your chosen truck inspected by your mechanic, we’ll be very open to that.

At Metro Hino, we have a large range of Hino truck models, which means you’ll almost certainly find the Hino truck variant you prefer. From the Hino 258, Hino 268, Hino 358, Hino 338, Hino 268 to the Hino XL, we have a lot of Hino Truck for sale used — there’s something for everyone. We are always open to serving you; get across to us today.

Truck Repair Service

Truck Repair Service at Metro Hino Leading Service Centre

Hino trucks are a great asset to any business. They are manufactured by Hino Motors, a Japan-based company that specializes in the production of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. The company is also known for manufacturing buses, diesel engines, etc. Hino Motors LTD has spread its tentacles around the world by having assembly plants in the United States where it manufactures Toyota vehicles’ components. These trucks are not just popular; they are also very reliable. The issue for most persons is choosing the best Hino truck repair service.

Truck Repair Service Reputation

The dilemma arises because countless service centers claim to offer the best price for your truck repairs. If you are confused and need clarity with picking the best option, then, you need to check out a reputable repair service like that of Metro Hino. 

When you think Hino, think Metro Hino. For the best price, buying or leasing these trucks just got easier. We also have a Hino service center to meet all your Hino truck service needs. So, your answer is not far-fetched for the best Hino Truck repair service center near you.

At Metro Hino, we have a great team of experts that live and breathe Hino trucks. As part of the repair process, they carry out tasks as simple as a Hino oil change and carry out more complicated functions like the replacement of Hino parts. Due to the cordial relationship we have with the different truck manufacturers, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting them at the best market price. 

No matter what the issue is with your truck, our team of qualified experts is there for you. To remain on our team, these experts take courses and pieces of training to keep up with the latest repair strategies. Metro truck Hino team is one you can bank on; reach out to us, and you will not be disappointed.

truck leasing ontario

Truck Leasing Ontario Why You Should Lease

Having a truck in your business could save you a lot of costs. When you have a proper-functioning truck, you can move your equipment to the site of duty and perform other high-yield tasks. A wise decision most business owners make when they are in a fix between buying a truck and leasing one is to opt-in for truck leasing Ontario. It is cost-effective and is healthy for the profit margins of your business. 

Benefits of Truck Leasing

There are many more benefits that come with truck leasing in Ontario, and you should weigh these benefits before making a choice. The first benefit is that you will be able to focus on your business, doing activities that spin the money-needle – that means more profit for your business. Moreover, you will worry less about maintenance fees, repairs, or even value depreciation. 

The mileage rating system helps you to have a full grasp of your business expenses as you can deduct expenses on truck leased per mileage. In all, do ensure that you utilize all these benefits as measuring yardsticks to determine if truck leasing is most suitable for your business. You can also use this to assess your truck leasing company and give ratings at the end of patronage. 

Metro Hino brings definition to truck leasing as they have the best trucks you can choose from for your business needs. Now, you can rent a Hino cube van at affordable rates to meet your business. We also offer the leasing of an Hino straight truck depending on what you feel is most suitable for your organization. 

The next time the thoughts of opting for truck leasing Ontario drops into your mind, make sure you visit Metro Hino. There are two subscriptions available for you to pick from: long and short-term. Act on your decision to take your business to the next level today by reaching out to Metro Hino today.

Hino Dealer Brampton

Metro Hino: Hino Dealer in Brampton Offering Excellent Pre-Sale and After-Sales Services

There are many Hino truck dealers, but Metro Truck Hino stands out for its excellent services. We offer services as dealers of genuine Hino Trucks and parts, leasing of trucks, and a genuine Hino Dealer Brampton.

Metro Truck Group started its operations in St. Catharines-Niagara and has expanded its services to become a Hino dealer Brampton. Our sales services include the provision of new and used trucks to our customers. To determine the right fit for each client, there is always a discussion through which we learn about your budget. This helps us provide the right options from our list of light-duty, medium-duty, and hybrid Hino trucks. 

Our dealerships are available in various parts, and if you need Hino dealers in Ontario, you can visit any of these locations:

  • St. Catharines Location – 411 Glendale AVE. St. Catharines, ON
  • Burlington Location – 4189 Harvester Rd. Burlington, ON
  • Mississauga Location – 1285 Shawson Drive, Mississauga, ON
  • Caledon Location – 13069 Airport Road, Caledon, ON

As Hino dealers in Brampton and other surrounding areas, we pride ourselves in having a service department and a team of technicians who have extensive knowledge of Hino trucks, parts, and other essential products. This makes it possible for our team to take on any job, earning us the title of your one-stop-shop for Hino trucks. 

Customers also get excellent warranty coverage when they buy Hino trucks and genuine parts from us. The warranty coverage we have available include: 

  • Hino Premium Protection
  • Hino 5 Year Warranty
  • Hino 3 Year Parts Warranty
  • Hino Prevention Care
  • Hino 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Hino Commercial Truck Lease

Hino Commercial Truck Lease At The Best Price To Suit Your Budget

Metro Truck Hino is the place to visit for everything Hino. We offer various services within the Hino Truck sphere, including sales, rental, leasing, servicing, and parts supply. When the purchase of a Hino Truck isn’t an option, then our Hino Commercial Truck lease service is the best for you. 

Our leasing services are available for any duration – a day, week, month, or year. For the safety of your goods and the trucks in your possession, we have specific safety measures for leasing out Hino commercial trucks. The safety measures are as follows:

  • Drivers must be 25 or above to operate any truck
  • Drivers must possess a Class G license, which must be valid
  • A clean Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR)

There are other safety and licensing information that can be made available to you when you contact us. Our leasing service also has support from the various Hino and Freightliner Brands in Canada, with an affiliation with the National Lease to put your mind at ease. 

In addition to our truck leasing in Ontario, we also offer maintenance and towing services. Our towing service is operated by a team of professional drivers who have a Wreckmaster certification. We have on-site cleanup equipment, tractors, wreckers, and mobile road service trucks to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

When you engage our services for a Hino commercial truck lease, you can reach out to us for genuine spare parts at any time. These parts undergo various tests to ensure to meet the quality control standards. Fuel filters, light bulbs, brake lining, and other necessary parts are available. Besides, you also get a 3-year parts warranty from Hino. 

You can get more information on our Hino commercial truck lease through a phone call or lease a truck by filling out the form on our website.

Metro Hino: Leading Hino Dealerships Near Me

Metro Hino: Leading Hino Dealerships Near Me

If you require something known for its durability and resilience, you need not look any further than Hino Trucks. With their sturdy reputation, these trucks are incredibly versatile and perfect for truck users as they can serve multiple needs, from light duty to heavy duty. If you are here, then chances are you are interested in getting a Hino truck. However, that desire does birth a question “how do I find Hino dealerships near me?” Well, if you live in Ontario, you’d be happy to know that Metro Hino is an extremely trustworthy Hino dealer. When people search for Hino dealers in Ontario, Metro Hino comes to mind. It is the dealer you can go to for every one of your Hino needs.

At Metro Hino, we understand that there are a vast array of needs, and that is why we have a wide range of Hino Trucks. It doesn’t matter if you require a Hino 165, Hino 258, or Hino 338; we stock a vast array of options only for you. With us, you can be sure we have the perfect Hino truck to suit your needs.

We also understand that your mind isn’t entirely made up when you walk into our dealership, and that is why we have some of the experienced hands to help you select a Hino truck that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our expert sales team will ensure that you receive the very best deal.

Also, if you already have your Hino truck but you have some issues with it or are merely looking to have a routine inspection on it. You simply have to search for Hino dealerships near me to find us. At Metro Hino, we ensure that only expert hands attend to your Hino truck.

hino truck parts

Genuine Hino Truck Parts from Metro Hino

Getting the right parts and deals for your Hino trucks is a great feeling. At Metro Hino, our goal is to make you feel this way through our services that include the provision of Hino truck parts, maintenance, and repair services.

To put your mind at ease, we offer various warranty coverage plans to meet different customers’ demands and needs. These are the warranty coverage we offer:

  • Hino Premium Protection
  • Hino Prevention Care
  • Hino 3 Year Parts Warranty
  • Hino 5 Year Warranty

At Metro Hino, we guarantee the supply of genuine Hino truck parts when you decide to buy or lease a truck from our dealers. To assure clients of excellent performance and value for their money, we only provide parts that conform to the industry’s quality control standards.

We understand the possibility of vehicles breaking down in transit. For this reason, a 24/7 roadside assistance service is available to all our clients. This service covers towing, battery jump-start, and lockout service.

There is a reimbursement from the dealer for any service covered under warranty. The roadside assistance is only available at no extra charge during the first three years.

In our catalog of parts – including Hino used parts and new parts, you can find the following:

  • Fuel filter
  • Brake lining
  • Air cleaner element
  • V-belt
  • Wiper blades
  • Oil filter
  • Air dryer repair kit
  • Clutch disk & cover
  • Light bulbs
  • Torque rod bushing

When you need to customize your truck and improve the exterior or interior appearance, we have the right parts for you. Sun visors are available to help reduce the intensity of sunlight while driving, or side steps for easy entry and exit.

Other accessories we provide include:

  • Hood latch
  • Wheel covers
  • Splash guard
  • Hood deflector
  • Door and light trim
  • Air intake trim

In addition to offering parts, we also serve as Hino truck dealers. You can get the best of our services when we hold sales of used and new Hino trucks. Contact any member of the sales team to get the right truck to meet your budget.

Metro Hino: The Most Authentic Hino Dealer You Will Find

Metro Hino: The Most Authentic Hino Dealer You Will Find

Hino trucks are known for their resilience and durability. These Japanese trucks have a reputation for being the right ones for truck users. Hino trucks are versatile as they can serve both light and heavy-duty needs. You probably need a Hino truck now, but where can you find a credible Hino dealer? Metro Hino is the company you can rely on for all your Hino Truck needs.

As a Hino dealer, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of Hino Trucks. Whether you need a 2020 HINO 195 or a HINO 155, we have a lot of options in stock just for you. You can be sure that you would find exactly the truck you are looking for in our stores.

What if you do not have a specific truck in mind? Our experts can assist you in choosing a truck that would meet your needs. We have an experienced truck sales team that will help you get the best deal. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in all our deals.

Our services go beyond just selling Hino trucks. We offer both renting and leasing options for Hino in Mississauga. If you need a Hino in Burlington or a Hino in Caledon and their environs, you can always call on Metro Hino.

Is your Hino giving you trouble, or do you just want to run routine maintenance on it? We have excellent hands on deck to attend to even the slightest issue. We don’t just hire anyone, we hire professionals to always give you excellent results. Give us a call today, and let’s get you the Hino you deserve.

Get your Hino Truck Repaired by Experts at Metro Hino

When you think of a Hino truck, you are probably thinking of quality. Hino trucks are obviously popular top-quality trucks. Their popularity comes from the fact that many people find them reliable. However, with time you may need a Hino oil change. Also, just like any other truck, your Hino can develop a fault. What do you do when this happens?

Knowing how expensive your Hino is, you would not want to give the truck to just anyone. What if the repairer is inexperienced? What if the company does not do a good Hino oil change? This can spell trouble for you and your truck. It might not only cost you more money but might also put your life at risk. What company is the best for this job? Well, look no further than Metro Hino.

At Metro Hino, we have a team of professionals that will work on your truck. Saddled with years of experience, our experts can handle any type of Hino oil change. We also deal with Hino oil filters, meaning you can get quality filters from us.

What’s more, we sell different original Hino parts for all Hino trucks. Whenever you need to buy a Hino truck, Metro Hino has got you covered. If you cannot buy a  Hino Truck due to circumstances, we have options made for you. Our rental and leasing options ensure you still get to enjoy a Hino Truck, even with limited resources.

For any kind of repairs on your Hino truck, you know the experts to call. Reach out to us now and we would be glad to get your truck working like new.

Metro Hino: Best Hino commercial trucks

Metro Hino: Best Hino commercial trucks

Hino Motors is one of the leading producers of heavy and medium duty trucks in Asia. They are also a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation and are extremely popular and reliable. Hino commercial trucks are designed to last and can be used for various commercial purposes, from conveying farm produce and transporting paying passengers to furniture moving.

Since they are built to last, they are a perfect option for various needs, and one of the most sought-after brands. But to get the best Hino truck, you need to find the right dealer. If you don’t., you may end up with a truck with tons of problems.

Metro Truck Hino is one of the most reputable Hino truck dealers that caters to all your Hino needs. Our staff consists of experts who are proficient in everything involving Hino commercial Trucks and are superb at what they do.

Our experts can work with you to find the best Hino commercial trucks in line with your budget. We also can develop and provide a custom service routine, keeping your truck in perfect shape. Our specialists offer a variety of services from parts replacement to oil changes.

Are you working with a budget and can’t afford to purchase a new Hino truck? Or perhaps you just want a Hino truck for a few days? Well, don’t fret as we have you covered. We are also your one-stop plug for a Hino commercial truck lease. With us, you can be sure of a truck that won’t cause any problems. Before we lease out a truck, we do a proper diagnosis to ensure it is in the best shape. Our experts check all the tires and we do an oil change before we lease it to you.

If you need a commercial truck from Hino in Brampton, Metro Truck Hino is sure to deliver. Contact us today to get the best value for your money!

Metro Hino: Hino truck used Dealer You Can Rely On

Metro Hino: Hino truck used Dealer You Can Rely On

Hino Motors LTD is a well-known automobile company in Japan. This company is popularly called Hino. It is best known for the creation of commercial vehicles like trucks and buses. Their buses and trucks are very reliable and durable. What’s more, when it comes to comfort and transport, Hino trucks and buses are the best available. However, since this product is top-rated, a new Hino truck’s price can be very steep. Therefore, many people prefer purchasing a Hino truck used.

Nonetheless, this does not mean you should purchase it from just any dealer. If you are buying a Hino Truck used, it is best to go with a reputable dealer like Metro Hino. We are experts in everything Hino and provide a variety of Hino truck models at affordable prices.

Before we sell any used Hino truck, we make sure to get it in good shape first. All the Hino used parts undergo extensive diagnosis carried out by our experienced technicians. They do a complete oil and tire change and make sure it is in good order before selling it to you.

When you buy a Hino truck used from us, we tend to go the extra mile. Our business does not end immediately we sell you the truck. Instead, our experts make themselves constantly available to you if you ever need help. You also get access to our service centers if you need repairs later in the future.

If you need a used Hino truck that you can depend on, Metro Hino is your best bet. Contact us now, and our experts will find you a truck that is in line with your budget.

Metro Hino: Best Hino Service Center Near Me

Metro Hino: Best Hino Service Center Near Me

Hino trucks are very popular today. Hino Motors LTD, one of the leading manufacturers of heavy and medium-duty trucks in Japan, owns them. This company also manufactures diesel engines, buses, and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It has many assembly plants around the world, including the United States, where it produces components for many Toyota Vehicles. As you can see, Hino trucks are extremely reliable and popular. However, for many people, the problem arises in choosing the best location to service their Hino Trucks. And the question on their mind is usually; “Where is the best Hino service Center Near me?

This is because many centers are offering to service your truck for you at the best price. If this is you and want the best, you will need to go with a reputable like Metro Truck Hino.

Metro Truck Hino is a reliable Hino dealer that provides you with everything Hino. You can either buy or lease your Hino trucks from this company at the best prices available. What’s more, they also have a modern service center that caters to all your Hino truck service needs. So, if you always tend to ask yourself, “Where is the best Hino service Center Near me,” then Metro Truck Hino is your best bet.

Our experts are great at what they do and have an elaborate knowledge of Hino Trucks. They can help with simple things from a Hino oil change to other complex services like a Hino parts replacement. Since we have a close relationship with various manufacturers, you get only genuine products with a warranty. The great part is that you get these at the best price on the market.

Regardless of the problem you have with your Hino Truck, our certified have you covered. These experts go through frequent training each year to keep them abreast with the recent Hino repair strategies. If you want a service team you can rely on, you need to contact Metro Truck Hino today. You will be glad you did!

Metro Hino Sales

Hino Motors is one of the leaders in the production of medium and heavy-duty trucks in Asia. Besides, they have a massive presence in the United States and are part of the Toyota Motor Corporation as a subsidiary. For Hino truck sales in southern Ontario make us your dealership of choice.

All of these make them one of the most sought-after brands as they are known to deliver. However, if you want to purchase a new or used Hino truck, it is crucial to find the right dealership. This will ensure you get Hino trucks at the best price on the market.

But where do you find the best Hino truck for sale?

A good option is Metro Truck Hino. Our expertise and transparency in the business have made us one of the top dealerships for Hino sales. Whether you want a Hino truck used or a new one, we have you covered.

Our experts can work with your budget to provide you with the best Hino truck for your fleet. We can also develop a service routine after your purchase to keep your Hino truck in optimum shape.

Our professionals are the best and can service all models and make light, medium, and heavy Hino trucks. We offer our services to Mississauga, St. Catherines, Caledon, Burlington, and its environs,

So, if you are in search of the best Hino truck for sale in any of these areas,  Metro Truck Hino is your best bet. Reach out to us today for the most exceptional services, and you will be glad you did!

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