The Only Hino Truck Dealers You Need

The name says it all with Metro Hino. We are a company that stands proudly behind every customer that desires anything Hino. Our company offers a large selection of services that you can only get at dedicated Hino truck dealers. 


If you need to find the right truck for your needs, we offer excellent Hino sales. The trucks available on offer include both new and used trucks to ensure there is a truck for every budget. 

Presuming purchasing and maintaining a truck for an extended period isn’t in your plan, then our Hino commercial truck lease service is here to help.  

Why We Are Your Go To Hino Truck Dealer

Efficiency is crucial when operating trucks and the only way to achieve this is through excellent maintenance. Our company has a service department that can help you out with the maintenance requirements of your Hino trucks. In this area, some of the services we offer include:

  • Hino Premium Protection
  • Hino Genuine Parts
  • Hino Prevention Care
  • Hino 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Hino 3 Year Parts Warranty
  • Hino 5 Year Warranty


Getting the correct parts for your truck can also be tricky, which is why you need to locate Hino truck dealers for genuine parts. We recommend genuine parts to all our customers and make these parts readily available to ensure your trucks always provide the best performance and value. 


If you encounter any problem while traveling with your truck, you can always reach out to the Hinowatch 24/7 roadside assistance. This service can assist with towing, battery jump-start, and other functions to get you out of precarious situations. Contact us today for an affordable quote.