Metro Hino: A Hino 358 Dealer You can Rely on

The Hino truck brand is one of the most popular brands today. This is because they are extremely reliable and provide good quality for your money. One of the most popular of the Hino trucks is the Hino 358, which is a great option for business owners who tend to move a lot of items. However, with the popularity of these trucks comes a problem that many other popular products tend to face; The presence of fake or substandard ones trying to leech from its existing customer base. 


This means if you want the best Hino 358 truck for your business, you need to work with reputable Hino Truck dealers like Metro Hino. We have been in the business of selling old and new Hino trucks consistently for many years. And this is why we have numerous return customers to prove this.


Regardless of the kind of Hino truck you are after, you can rest assured that Metro Hino has you covered.  We are one of the only certified Hino Truck Dealers around, which means if you buy from us, you only get the best. Our experts also go through consistent training to keep them abreast with everything that has to do with Hino trucks. They can easily recommend the ideal Hino truck to help you get your business to the next level. 


We also deal in Hino truck servicing and repairs, depending on the situation. As you know, your Hino 358 may require maintenance with time due to consistent usage. This could be due to something that could require minor solutions like an oil change or major repairs. Regardless of what the case may be, our certified experts are properly certified to get your Hino truck running quickly. We use only the best materials procured directly from the manufacturers, which come with a full warranty. With us, you get what you pay for – which is the best! Contact us today and let us get you a quote.