Metro Hino: The Best Deals for Your Hino XL

No doubt, Hino XL trucks are the best Hino series available in 2021, and they are evolving even further as the year unfolds. Right now, these trucks have been gifted with the best upgrades and configurations that would make life easy for truck owners. With a GVW front axle, an 18,000 lb. weight, and front frame extensions, you are sure to break former limits with this truck.

Also, the Hino XL comes with top-notch driver safety, with vital additions like seatbelt sensors, and active cruise controls, so you can get the job done without panic. There is currently a high demand for the Hino XL Series due to the juicy upgrades made to the 2021 series. However, it is crucial to note that with high demands comes a higher chance of being scammed or getting a low-quality truck for a high price.

This is why at Metro Hino, we stay true to our word by standing by the integrity of the Hino group. Our partnership with the manufacturers of the Hino truck series gives us the ability to deliver on our promise of quality trucks. For many years, we have supplied Hino trucks in Toronto, St. Catherines, etc., with consistent feedback on customer satisfaction. Asides from supplying customers with the best Hino trucks, we also offer top-notch repair and replacement services. In our repairs, we make use of the best tools and parts to fix Hino trucks, and we handle every process professionally.

We understand that you need Hino trucks that are particular to your business needs; that is why we walk you through the selection process. We have a great customer service team that responds to each of your questions and takes all your feedback. 

As part of our service process, we show you the best trucks available to meet your business goals and work within your budget. At Metro Hino, we don’t just sell you the best Hino XL Series. We also give you quality trucks you can trust for years. Send us a message now.