Metro Hino: Your Reliable Heavy and Medium Duty Truck Sales Company for Hino Products

Hino Trucks are the leading medium and heavy truck manufacturing company in Japan. It is also the fastest-growing truck company in the American Market. Since the manufacturer is under the Toyota brand, it perfectly emulates the reliability and superiority that Toyota is known for.  This is perhaps why many people today are always in search of companies for medium duty truck sales. If you belong in this category, then you are in luck, as Metro Hino can help you out. 

Your Medium Duty Truck Sales Company

Metro Hino is one of the most reputable Hino truck dealers you can find on the market today. As a certified Hino representative, we engage in Hino heavy and medium duty truck sales at the best prices. The Hino trucks we offer range from both used and new trucks, which means we have you covered regardless of your budget. 

Our medium-duty truck sales experts can also evaluate your business to determine the right type of medium truck you need. This will ensure you only buy a truck that will offer you the best value for your business. Even if we can’t find an exact match for you, we can configure one of our trucks to fit your desired purpose. 

In addition to the sale of Hino trucks, we also offer maintenance and repair services. These range from simple repairs like an oil change up to major repairs like replacing your Hino parts. Since we have a direct link with the manufacturers of the Hino truck, you are sure of only genuine parts that come with a warranty. 

One other area we stand out in is our amazing customer service. Unlike many other companies that are only interested in making a sale, we stick with you through every part of the journey. Even after buying your Hino truck, our experts keep up with you regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly. 

If you are looking for a Hino truck for sale, look no further than Metro Hino. Call us today and let us get you a truck that works for you!