Metro Hino: Reliable Dealer in All Hino Truck Models

Hino Motors is a name that is synonymous with high quality. This company is one of the top manufacturers of heavy and medium-duty trucks in Asia. It is a subsidiary of Toyota, so it offers the same quality that the brand is known for.  All Hino truck models are designed to last, so they are the go-to option for various businesses. 

Why We Carry All Hino Truck Models

The reputation of the Hino truck makes it one that is highly sought-after, and you will find many Hino commercial trucks for sale. But it is not advisable to buy a Hino truck from just any dealer you find since not all of them are certified or reliable. To get the best, you will need an expert like Metro Hino.

Metro Hino has been in the business of selling and leasing Hino trucks for decades. We have all Hino truck models for your needs ranging from the L series, XL series, Hino 358, and many more. Our specialists are well versed in all types of Hino truck models and can recommend the right option for your business. 

What if your business needs a Hino truck, but your present budget can’t accommodate this purchase? Or perhaps you will only need to make use of the Hino truck for a day? In both instances, it does not make sense to outright purchase the truck. Fortunately, Metro Hino has you covered as we also offer leasing services. Our truck leasing services cover light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks regardless of your needs. To make sure you encounter no issues during use, our specialists will run a complete truck diagnosis. This will include checking the oil level, tire pressure, and other aspects that may cause issues before we lease to you.  

If you need a reliable Hino dealer for all your Hino truck models, then look no further than Metro Hino. Contact us today, and let us get you a truck that is right for your business!