Metro Hino: Truck Repair Service Advantages

Are you in need of a truck repair service? Having a breakdown at the wrong time can put you and your business out of commission. Metro Hino service understands how important it is for you to get back on the road as soon as possible. As Hino Truck Dealers, we serve the entire surrounding region. We specialize in engine repair, but we also handle all aspects of vehicle maintenance. We guarantee our work so that you can keep driving. We offer both types of truck repair service, no matter what type of truck it is, heavy-duty or light-duty.

Light and Medium Duty Truck Repair:

Hino Service will get your diesel truck and engine back on the road when they are out of commission. Our experts will provide the repairs you need for light to medium diesel trucks. There are a variety of engines available for repair, from light to medium-duty.

Ø International

Ø Powerstore

Ø Cummins

Ø Hino

Give us a call to see what we can do for your light or medium-duty engine repair. The diesel experts can handle all your diesel needs.

Heavy Duty Truck Repair:

Most people don’t think of heavy-duty truck repair as something that needs to be done immediately. Instead, you should hire a professional if you need heavy-duty vehicle repair. You can enjoy several benefits from having your vehicle serviced by a qualified mechanic instead of doing it yourself. Here are the heavy-duty truck repair services that our professionals provide:

Ø Clutch Replacement

Ø Transmission Replacement

Ø Drive Trains

Ø Differentials

Ø Brake Work

Ø Air system Work Our objective is to get your truck back on the road.