Hino 268 The Right Truck For Your Operations

For fleet owners and drivers of medium-duty trucks, the Hino 268 continues to provide the best real-world benefits on the market. Few vehicles in its class have a lower total cost of ownership than the 268. Due to its excellent fuel economy, proven reliability, and high residual value, it’s an ideal truck for pick-up and delivery, lease/rental, and moving businesses. At Metro Hino Toronto, we provide you with the best service and deal for this truck.

Hino 268 Specs

Towing Ability and GCWR:

Its engine and overall vehicle specifications are robust, including GVWR and GCWR. GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating. In other words, your Hino 268’s GVWR is equal to the maximum load weight plus the base vehicle weight. GCWR, or Gross Combined Weight Rating, refers to the vehicle’s weight and towing capacity combined. 

Below are the engine specs and GVWR ratings:

Ø Hino 268 GVWR / GCWR: 25,900 lbs by 26,000 lbs

Ø Axles:10,000 lbs and 19,000 lbs

Ø Engine: 8.0L Diesel, 6-cylinder

Fuel economy:

Hino engine specifications reflect fuel-saving advancements on the road. Thanks to high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection and VNT turbochargers, the Hino engine’s air-to-fuel ratio is optimized regardless of engine speed. As a result, Hino innovations provide higher mileage and cleaner emissions than current EPA standards.


Maintain your vehicle’s factory specifications for years to come with the Hyundai truck warranty coverage. Choose the regular Base Vehicle Warranty or the extended 7-year engine coverage. In addition, you can take advantage of lockout service, battery jumps, towing, tire service, and more with HinoWatch Roadside Assistance.


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